Questions to Ask When Looking at an Oklahoma Winery Map

If you want to sample wines that are only created in our state, an Oklahoma winery map can help you find the perfect destination. The wineries and vineyards featured there will each provide a unique experience to its visitors. To plan your perfect wine tasting trip, there are a few questions you should ask yourself when looking at the map.


4 Things to Ask When Looking at an Oklahoma Winery Map


1. How Many Wineries and Vineyards Should I Visit?

Our state has many wineries and vineyards; in fact, over 30 members of the Oklahoma Grape Industry Council are wineries! There are many possible destinations, so try to limit yourself to a select few. When you give yourself the time to enjoy each location, you can gain a true appreciation for the space and its unique wines.

It is easier to determine the ideal number of locations to visit when you consider the length of your trip. If you are planning a day-long tasting experience, limiting yourself to 1-3 wineries and vineyards that are near one another could be best. If your trip will be over multiple days, you can visit several more destinations without feeling rushed.


2. What Time of Year Should I Go?

While you can (usually) visit a winery or vineyard at any time of the year, the season can determine the experience you have there. For example, if you discover Oklahoma vineyards between the late spring and early fall, you may be able to observe parts of the grape growing and harvesting process. If you visit a winery in the fall or winter, you can still have a wonderful tasting experience, and it may feel more personal as there could be fewer visitors.


3. Should I Make Reservations for the Visits?

Many spaces will gladly allow walk-in visitors; however, that is not always the case. To ensure you can visit each of your preferred destinations, call ahead. In addition to reserving a spot in a vineyard tour or wine tasting, you could become one of the first to learn about special events and offerings. Also, some locations are closed for part of the year or may have limited hours due to events, so calling ahead can help you become aware of unexpected changes.


4. Do I Know the Best Way to Discover Oklahoma Wines?

When visiting the wineries or vineyards featured on the map, you can discover Oklahoma wines made on the premises. You should know the types of wine you want to try before visiting the destinations; this can ensure that there is something in each space that appeals to your palate. Remember to also keep an open mind, as trying new wines can help you find new favorites.

To truly appreciate the wines you sample at the wineries or vineyards, try to follow the 4 S’s of wine tasting. When you know how to properly See, Swirl, Sniff, and Spit the wines, you can perfect your palate and notice the intricate flavors of each red, white, or rosé wine. Of course, you should also remember the fifth S: Savoring each wine!


Discover Oklahoma Vineyards and Wineries

If you are planning a wine tasting trip through our state, make sure to visit members of the Oklahoma Grape Industry Council! These wineries and vineyards each produce delicious wines and provide unique experiences. To learn more about our members, please contact us.