What Are the 4 S’s in Wine Tasting OKC?

By attending a wine tasting OKC event, you are sure to find some new favorites to enjoy. Although your first wine tasting can seem intimidating, knowing the 4 S’s of Oklahoma grape wine tasting will help you make the most of your experience. These simple steps will help you fully savor wines during your next Oklahoma winery visit.


The 4 S’s of Wine Tasting OKC



The wine tasting experience begins with your eyes. The details you notice will give you some hints about the wine’s flavor. Hold up your glass toward natural light at a slight angle to observe the wine’s color and clarity. A wine’s appearance indicates many factors, such as its varietal, flavor, age, and the climates where the grapes grew. For example:

  • The sweetest white wines are richly colored.
  • Grapes grown in warm climates produce dark red wines.
  • Young wines are clearer than older ones.
  • Mature wines may appear cloudy.

White wines range from rich gold to light yellow or even almost clear. Red wines range from pinks to purples so dark that they are almost black. In general, the deeper the color saturation, the more intense the flavor.



Your senses of smell and taste are essential to the wine tasting experience. Gently swirling your glass before sampling the wine will enhance your experience because the added oxygen releases the wine’s aromas and flavors. Swirling your wine glass can help you determine if the wine is heavy or light.

  • Heavy wines usually have an intense scent, which is released by swirling.
  • Sweeter wines are denser, so they leave streaks on the glass when swirled.

Make sure not to swirl a glass too quickly, and do not swirl an overly full glass, as it can cause the wine to slosh or spill. Do not swirl sparkling wines as it will disturb the bubbles.



The wine’s scent will significantly impact its overall taste, making this step essential to wine tasting. Before sipping your wine, take a moment to focus on its scent. Sniffing the wine will let you know what to expect from its flavor. A wine’s total aromatic experience is called its “bouquet,” which is essential for judging the overall quality. Examining the bouquet can reveal any faults in the wine, including:

  • Cork taint.
  • Oxidation due to aging.
  • Oxygen overexposure.
  • Lack of preservatives.
  • Contamination.



To savor every aspect of the wine, begin by taking a sip and holding it in your mouth for three to five seconds while gently rolling it around in your mouth. Exposure to body heat will further release the flavor and aroma, making the experience richer than it would be if you just swallowed the wine. Tasting in this way allows you to examine the wine’s taste and mouthfeel attributes, including the:

  • Texture.
  • Flavor.
  • Weight.
  • Structure.

After this, swallow the wine or spit it out. Because you will sample many wines, spitting is often recommended. If you choose to swallow wines at the tasting, make sure that you enjoy them responsibly and have a designated driver.


Sampling Oklahoma Grape Wines

At a wine tasting OKC, make sure to sample some of the most popular varieties produced in the state. The top 10 wines to try are:

  1. Cabernet Sauvignon
  2. Tempranillo
  3. Traminette
  4. Chambourcin
  5. Seyval Blanc
  6. Riesling
  7. Sangiovese
  8. Vignoles
  9. Muscat Blanc
  10. Rosé

Planning Your Next Oklahoma Winery Visit?

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