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Medicine Park Winery - 5100 sf bldg/residence

Contact Name: Jason Wells, Realtor
Phone number: 580-353-6100
Area of State: South West
Description of Equipment: 5100 sf bldg/residence
Equipment: Purchase or Sell Sell
Asking Price for Equipment: $565,000
Equipment Sold? No

Whirlwind Winery - Winery Business

Contact Name: Brad Stinson
Phone number: 580-623-1012
Area of State: North West
Description of Equipment Winery Business
Equipment Purchase or Sell: Sell
Quantity of Equipment: Type more
Asking Price: $20,000
Equipment Sold? No

Nuyaka Creek Winery - Winery Business

Contact Name: Pete or Dianne Jones
Phone number: 918-756-7568
Area of State: North East
Under Contract: No
Description of Equipment: Winery business, trademark labels, etc. bottled wine, wine in barrels vines, etc.
Equipment Purchase or Sell: Sell
Asking Price for Equipment: Negotiable depending on what all is purchased.
Equipment Sold? No


Contact: Steve
Phone: 405-808-6272
email: [email protected]

Area of State: Central
Under Contract: Yes

Description of Equipment:
Two 230-gallon / 87 Liter Apollo Flextanks for sale.
$750 Tank 1 is fitted with temperature sensor, lifting lugs, 1.5″ drain and racking tri-clamps and flanges, sample valve, and fermentation lock. Very easy to clean and handle. Used by in like-new condition. Always cleaned and sanitized.

$500 Tank 2 has never been used. No accessories included so you can fit to your needs.

Pictures on request. Pick up in Norman.

Equipment Purchase or Sell: Sell
Asking Price for Equipment: $750 / $500

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