Discover Oklahoma Wines’ Ultimate Guide to Removing Wine Stains (Red & White)

If you enjoy Oklahoma wines, you may have spilled a drop or two over the years. Whether you drink red wine or white, here are a few tips on how to get wine out of clothes. If a stain is fresh or dried, you can easily take steps to save your clothes.


How to Get Red Wine Out of Clothes

When it comes to wine stains, red wine is the obvious culprit. Here are some things you can implement immediately after spilling your wine.

  • Blot the excess wine, Do not scrub the area, or you will risk spreading the stain further.
  • Combining detergent and hydrogen peroxide can be effective. It could be how to get red wine out of cotton. Using it on delicate fabrics, however, could be damaging.
  • A tried and tested method for how to get red wine out of clothes is applying club soda and white vinegar.

Of course, you might not be able to address a stain immediately, which begs the question, how do you get dried red wine stains out of clothing? In this case, oxi cleaners are your best option. Apply it to the stain and wait 20 minutes before washing the item.

Boiling water answers the questions: How to get red wine out of cotton, and how do you get dried red wine stains out of clothing? Stretch the fabric tight over a sink or bathtub and pour the boiling water over it. You should see the wine rinse out, and you should blot anything that does not wash out. Make sure that the water is boiling. Cool or warm water will not loosen the stain.


How to Get White Wine Out of Clothes

The question of how to get wine out of clothes also needs to include white wine. While it is not as noticeable as red wine, it can easily stain light-colored clothing. Many of the red wine tips will work, but here is another. Run cold water over the stain and blot deterrent on the affected area while the water is still running. Repeat the process until you believe the stain is gone. Then wash the clothing.

No matter which of the Oklahoma wines you spilled, do not dry your clothes after washing them. Allow the items to air dry to ensure that the stain is completely gone.

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