What to Know About Pairing Discover Oklahoma Wines with Food

Whether it be a birthday, holiday, or get-together, enjoying delicious Oklahoma grape wine with your meal is an excellent way to enjoy time with your friends and family. It is always best to pair your wine closely with your meal of choice to enhance your dining experience. Here is what you should know when pairing your favorite wines with your meal.


The Basics of Wine Pairings: Food Flavors

To help select your wine choice for your gathering, categorize the main dish of your meal into one of the five food flavor profiles. These profiles can help you determine which wines work best with certain flavors.



Acidity is a common flavor in a variety of dishes. The general rule of thumb is that the wine should be equal to or more acidic than the dish, adding a crisp freshness to your meal. If the dish is more acidic, the flavor of the wine will fall flat. Crisp white discover Oklahoma wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc, pair well with acidic dishes such as fish or a fresh salad with an acidic dressing.



Unlike acidity, bitter foods should not be paired with bitter wines, as it only enhances the bitterness. Complementary pairings, or those that do not share many flavor compounds, work best with bitter foods. Consider pairing bitter foods with an acidic white wine or red wine with lower tannins, such as Pinot Noir.



Umami is a unique, earthy flavor that enhances the acidity and bitterness of wine and decreases the perception of sweetness. It is crucial to consider the dish’s salt content. If the meal has an umami flavor with low salt content, it can make the wine taste harder, so try sweet or off-dry discover Oklahoma wines packed full of fruitiness. If the food has an umami flavor with high salt content, it tends to have the opposite effect. Try pairing it with a more fruity, acidic wine to bring some crispness.



When it comes to sweet dishes and desserts, it is best to pair these with sweet wines equal to or higher in sugar content than the food. If the dish is sweeter than the wine, your wine will be stripped of its delicious flavors. Likewise, sweet foods can make wines taste bitter and lose their fruit flavors, so avoid pairing sweet foods with wines with high tannins.



Salt rounds out the taste of many dishes, from fried foods to pasta sauce. Salty foods can help bring out the sweetness of Oklahoma grape wine and hide bitterness and tannins. To bring more balance to a salty dish, try pairing it with acidic, fruity wines or sparkling wines.


Discover Local Wineries On the Oklahoma Winery Map

If you are searching for a wine to compliment your meal, browse your local wineries to find the perfect match. At the Oklahoma Grape Industry Council, we have members throughout the state that sell delicious, locally-made wines. For more information about the OGIC or to learn more about the Oklahoma winery map, please contact us today.