What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Go To An Oklahoma Vineyard?

When planning your trip to an Oklahoma vineyard, there are many factors that you should consider. One of the most important factors to take into consideration should be the time of year to visit. Luckily, we at the Oklahoma Grape Industry Council have all the tips and information to ensure you are prepared to discover Oklahoma vineyards any time of the year.

If you have lived in Oklahoma for any amount of time, you know that our state has a reputation for turbulent weather year-round. Because of this, it can be difficult for vineyards to find optimum growing conditions for various types of grapes. However, through research and dedication to the craft, many have been able to open successful grape vineyards, making delicious locally-grown wines for Oklahomans to enjoy!


When Is The Best Time To Visit?

Typically, the best times to travel Oklahoma vineyards are the late spring, summer, and early fall months.

During this time, temperatures are generally great for sitting outside and enjoying the scenery with a glass of wine in hand. Likewise, the early spring and early fall temperatures make it great to tour the vineyard on foot and learn about the wine-making process without breaking too much of a sweat under the hot Oklahoma sun.

During these months, Oklahoma vineyards and wineries alike tend to host several events, such as wine tastings, group tours, and live music for guests to enjoy. Likewise, depending on the grape, location, and weather conditions, guests can witness and even help harvest grapes beginning in the late summer months.


If You Desire A Quieter Experience At An Oklahoma Vineyard…

Although late spring, summer, and early fall months are the most popular times to discover Oklahoma vineyards, late fall and winter are options if you desire a quieter experience. A more peaceful experience might also allow you to have a more personalized experience with winemakers, letting you ask more questions and learn more about the processes that go into growing grapes and making local wine.

During the late fall, you can sip wine while viewing the beautiful Oklahoma fall foliage. Likewise, many vineyards that include tastings often have specific selections for the fall and winter months, while also offering these selections as great gifts for the holiday season.


Other Things To Consider When Visiting An Oklahoma Vineyard


Wear Comfortable Shoes

Depending on what vineyard you visit, you may walk a considerable distance if you embark on a tour. Vineyards can be several acres of land, so it is best to wear comfortable shoes during your visit.


Call Ahead

Make sure to call ahead and check with the vineyard if they require appointments for your visit. Remember to research the hours of operation, wine selections, and cost of the experience before you go to be prepared.


Be Open To New Things

If they provide wine tastings, keep an open mind to potential specialty and seasonal wines they might offer. You never know when one might become your new favorite!

Regardless of when you decide to travel Oklahoma vineyards, there are plenty of unique locations for you to enjoy. With over 30 Oklahoma vineyards as members of the OGIC, we can help you plan your perfect trip. Browse our site to discover more!