What Are the Different Types of Oklahoma Winery Near I-40?

When you visit an Oklahoma winery near I-40, you have the perfect opportunity to enjoy beautiful sights and sample quality wines while supporting a local business. If you are planning a wine-tasting trip with friends or family, you may wonder if there are different types of wineries that you can visit. You may also want to learn more about the difference between a winery and a vineyard.


Should You Visit an Oklahoma Vineyard or Oklahoma Winery Near I-35?


What to Know About Vineyards

A vineyard can be thought of as a farm where grapes are produced for winemaking purposes. Many vineyards will grow their grapes to sell them to wineries for wine production. Other vineyards may have on-site wineries where grapes are crushed and fermented into wines before being sold. The locations with on-site wineries may also offer wine tastings. Keep in mind that not all of these will have a tasting room, so make sure to do your research before your visit.


What to Know About Wineries

A winery is where wines are produced. The grapes for the wine may be grown here if the property also has a vineyard, but they do not have to be. Many wineries, but not all, will have tasting rooms where you can sample their wines on-site. Because this definition is so broad, there are many different types of wineries that you can choose to visit when looking for an “Oklahoma winery near me.” As such, you may wonder what type of winery is your ideal wine-tasting destination.


Oklahoma Winery Near I-40: 6 Types to Visit


1. Vineyard Winery

When you picture a “winery,” this is likely what you have in mind. A vineyard winery will grow, harvest, crush, and ferment its own grapes to make wine.


2. Farm Winery

These are similar to vineyard wineries. The most notable difference is that the property owners often live at the farm winery and grow additional crops.


3. Urban Winery

Instead of rural farms, these wineries are located in cities. An urban winery will produce its wine from grapes or juices sent from an outside vineyard.


4. Micro Winery

This is a fairly new winery trend. With a similar model to craft beer makers, micro wineries produce around 6 gallons of wine at a time.


5. Destination Winery

If you are planning a weekend trip, this type may be ideal. Destination wineries offer beautiful views, fun activities, and may have a bed and breakfast.


6. Venue Winery

When planning a wedding, outdoor concert, or other event, you may consider this type. Venue wineries have large event spaces for gatherings.


Looking for an Oklahoma Winery Near Me?

When you visit local wineries, you have the perfect opportunity to enjoy quality wines and delicious scenery. The Oklahoma Grape Industry Council has the resources to help you plan your perfect wine-tasting trip. If you are looking for an Oklahoma vineyard or Oklahoma winery near I-35 to visit, make sure to look through our list of OGIC members so you can support local wines.