The Best Way To Get Ready For Oklahoma Wine Tours

Oklahoma wine tours are an excellent way to try new wines, learn about the winemaking process, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The location of your wine tour will have a large impact on how to prepare. However, there are several common tasks you’ll want to do regardless of which wine tour you will experience.


4 Tips To Prepare For A Wine Tour


Plan Ahead of Time

Before going to a travel Oklahoma winery, it is crucial to spend time planning your trip. Call ahead and make a reservation with the winery or vineyard to secure your spot, especially if attending with a large party. Likewise, read up online or ask about their pricing before going, as well as prepare some extra cash in hand to tip your server. Another great way to prepare for your wine tour is to research what wines they serve, helping you decide what you want to sample ahead of time.


Dress Appropriately

Unless there is a predefined dress code, wearing something that is casual and appropriate for the season will make Oklahoma wine trails more enjoyable. Avoid uncomfortable shoes like heels and dress shoes, as you’ll most likely be walking around the vineyard while learning about their winemaking process. Carry a bag for your smaller items like your phone and wallet because your hands will be occupied between your wine glass and food. Finally, avoid wearing lighter colors like tan and white to avoid stains if you accidentally spill the wine.


Nibble On Small Amounts of Food

Be sure to nibble on a small amount of food beforehand or pack a snack. Drinking wine and trekking around a vineyard on an empty stomach can leave you feeling nauseous. Most Oklahoma wine tours serve snacks and hors d’oeuvres, but it is best to plan ahead of time, just in case.


Practice Your Tasting Technique

When tasting on Oklahoma wine trails, utilizing the proper technique will enhance your experience with each wine. The 4 S’s technique is popular amongst new and experienced wine tasters:

  • See – Upon being served, hold your glass up to the light to see the clarity and color of the wine.
  • Swirl – Gently swirl your glass for 5-10 seconds so oxygen will release the delectable aromatic compounds in your wine.
  • Smell – Inhale the scent of the wine and make a note of the different aromas that make up its bouquet.
  • Spit – As you taste your wine, allow it to fully coat your tongue as you roll it around in your mouth. The heat from your mouth will unlock more flavors for you to enjoy. Make sure to spit to try other wines without the effects of alcohol.


Discover Oklahoma Wineries and Vineyards

Local wine tours are an excellent way to experience Oklahoma’s flourishing wine and grape industry. At the Oklahoma Grape Industry Council, we strive to cultivate the wine community in our great state. Contact us today for more information about our organization, or visit our website to find a travel Oklahoma winery near you.