Plan Your Perfect Trip with Oklahoma Winery Maps

If you are preparing for a couple’s vacation, a getaway with friends, or a trip with your family, an Oklahoma winery map can be a valuable tool as you plan your travels. These lists feature winery and vineyard locations that offer unique wines and experiences – many of which may only be available locally.


When You Choose Your Destinations with an Oklahoma Winery Map:


Figure Out How Long the Trip Will Be

Whether you are visiting one winery or several, give yourself the time to enjoy the unique experiences each location offers. This will not easily be done if you are rushing from place to place. As such, before you start choosing wineries and vineyards to visit, you need to first determine how long your trip will be. Depending on the length of the trip, you may go to one vineyard or several locations.


Pick the Ideal Time of Year to Go

Many people who travel Oklahoma winery and vineyard locations do so from the late spring through early fall. At that time, the weather is pleasant enough to enjoy wine outside, and you may be able to watch the grape harvest. Of course, you can still enjoy a winery trip in the fall or winter. Because there may be fewer people at the winery or vineyard, your experience could be more quiet and personal.


Study the Available Types of Wine

Before you select which locations to visit, it can be helpful to first look into the varieties of wine that the vineyard or winery specializes in. This can ensure that, when you visit the tasting room, you will have at least a few options to look forward to. Of course, as with any wine tasting experience, try to stay open about trying new things.


Reserve Your Tours and Tastings

Many wineries and vineyards gladly take walk-in visitors, but you do not want to drive to your destination, only to discover that a reservation was required. To prevent this issue and ensure that you still have your ideal vacation experience, call before you visit the Oklahoma winery. During your call, you may learn more about available tours and tastings. You could even find out about special events before they are posted online.


Consider Transportation and Lodging

While these trips are meant to be enjoyable, it is important that you enjoy everything responsibility. As you plan your trip, remember to consider your options for transportation and lodging. If you visit a tasting room or a wine tasting event, you could hire a taxi or bring a designated driver. If the winery or vineyard is far from your home, it can be best to book a hotel room.


Travel Oklahoma Winery and Vineyard Locations with OGIC

If you want to enjoy unique wines and fun traveling experiences that you can only find in our state, consider visiting some of the winery and vineyard members of the Oklahoma Grape Industry Council. To learn more about OGIC’s members and our industry as a whole, please contact us.