Oklahoma Grape Wine Pairings For Spring Meals

As the cold winter days are left behind, the vibrancy and newness of the Oklahoma spring season quickly take its place. Changing up your menu is a great way to bring in the excitement of the new season. As such, as delicious spring meals have begun to make an appearance, it is the perfect time to discover Oklahoma wines to make the perfect food pairing.


Delicious Wines For Spring Favorites

Winter brings rich, heavy ingredients to the table. However, the attitude completely shifts in spring, with both spirits and meals becoming more fresh and light. From fresh vegetables and fruits to light meats and tasty herbs, there is an Oklahoma grape wine to match.


Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is an excellent choice for many spring meals because of its bright acidity and wonderful “green” flavors like grass, bell pepper, and jalapeno. This herbaceous white wine is an excellent match for herb-driven dishes with thyme, dill, chives, or rosemary. If Sauvignon Blanc is one of your top choices, try pairing it with lighter dishes like delicious asparagus risotto or grilled chicken breasts with a seasoned vegetable medley on the side.


Pinot Noir

Red wines aren’t only for the winter. Pinot Noir is a light-bodied, red wine that is rich with fruit flavors like cherry and raspberry, as well as earthy flavors such as clove and mushrooms. Because of their smoother tannins, these Oklahoma wines complement grilled salmon well. Likewise, Pinot Noir’s acidity pairs well with tomato flavors, making it a perfect match for homemade veggie pizza.


Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is another great white wine for spring, with zesty flavors of peach, cantaloupe, lemon, and green apple. This light, easy-to-drink Oklahoma grape wine is excellent with lighter meals with white meats, seafood, fresh vegetables, and leafy greens. Because Pinot Grigio has a bright acidity, it is a perfect choice for many seafood dishes, such as shrimp scampi with lemon. Likewise, a fresh spring salad with tangy vinaigrette dressing is another classic pairing with Pinot Grigio.



Offering itself as a flavorful choice, Rosé wines are a perfect reflection of the sweetness of spring. Rosé Oklahoma wines have sweet flavors of strawberry, watermelon, citrus, and rose petals. For lighter Rosé selections, it is best paired with lighter options such as fresh spring salads with your favorite ingredients. A fuller-bodied Rosé wine is great for barbecues, as well as soft cheeses and cured meats from charcuterie boards.


Find The Perfect Local Wine For Spring

With the spring season comes growth, vibrant colors, and fresh foods to try with local wines. If you are on a hunt to discover Oklahoma wines this spring, look no further than the experts at the Oklahoma Grape Industry Council. Our mission is to promote the wine community in Oklahoma, as well as educate the public about the growing Oklahoma wine industry. We have over 60 members state-wide that are ready to help you find your perfect wine to compliment your favorite spring dishes. Contact us today for more information about our members.