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Dear Potential OGIC Member,

The Oklahoma Grape Industry Council appreciates your interest in joining our efforts to grow the Oklahoma Wine Industry by applying for membership. We have made great strides in recent years by changing legislation, opening up our membership to hobbyists, encouraging camaraderie by mentoring new growers, and supporting all aspects of viticulture and enology in our state. Uncorking our industry and creating an atmosphere for growth is a direct result of changing the attitude and purpose of OGIC. Sponsored activities, projects, and work will include all members with equal opportunity for participation without exclusivity. All membership is defined as vineyard owners who grow as little as one vine to thousands of vines ranging from hybrids to vinifera, and winemakers, whose manufacturing process varies from a home winemaker to wines manufactured from kits, juice, concentrates, fruits, honey, crushed Oklahoma grown grapes, etc. When you submit your application, you agree to support & uphold these principles.

Thank you!

Membership Application

  • Commerical Members: Grape growers and/or winemakers that sell any of their product.
    Friends: Wine enthusiast or amateur grower and/or winemaker that has an interest in the industry. (Non-voting member)
    Allied Industries: Business or industry that is associated with the wine industry. (Non-voting member)
    Professional Partner: Educator and/or Researcher that is interested in the grape & wine industry. (Non-voting member)
  • OGIC is asking for donations to fund the work of modernizing our states alcohol laws.
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  • When you click "Apply for Membership," if you selected:

    1) "PayPal" as your payment option: you will be directed to the PayPal page to complete the payment process. Your membership will not be complete until a payment is made.
    2) "Check" as your payment option: your membership form will be submitted, but not completed until check is received in the mail