How to Recork a Bottle of Wine

If you are enjoying Oklahoma wines on your own, there is always the chance that you will not want to finish it by yourself. You might only want one glass of wine, which is why learning how to recork wine is essential.

How to Recork Wine at Home


When it comes to recorking old wine bottles, you can use the cork again or choose a wine cork replacement.

Ways to Reuse a Cork

  • Flip the Sides – The end of the cork that was in the bottle will have expanded. The other side is smaller and easier to slide back into the neck of the wine bottle.
  • Keep Your Corks – Corks will dry out over time. An old cork can be the perfect option for recorking old wine bottles.
  • Use Wax Paper – If you wrap wax paper around a cork, old or new, it will be easier to slide into the bottle without damaging the seal.

Wine Cork Replacements

Reusing a cork comes with the risk of it breaking, which is why some people prefer to use wine cork replacements to keep their Oklahoma wines fresh. There are

  • Stoppers – There different types of stoppers such as rubber or silicone. Wine stoppers are available in different price ranges, and the benefit is that you can use them over and over. Since these stoppers are made for wine bottles, they fit well and do an excellent job of keeping the out air.
  • Vacuum Pumps: No matter how you recork your wine bottle, most methods will leave air in the bottle. This is where vacuum pumps have an advantage. They will suck the existing air out, lengthening the amount of time that the wine will stay.

No matter how you recork your wine, make sure that you store it properly. Here are a few tips.

How to Store Open Wine

  • Keep it upright
  • Chill it to slow oxidation
  • Keep it away from the light
  • Avoid rapid changes
  • Move wines to smaller containers

If you have any questions about Oklahoma wines, consider visiting our ​member​ vineyards and wineries. After all, no one can help you care for your wine like the experts.

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