How to Plan a Wine Tasting Party With Oklahoma Wines

With the warmer weather approaching, you may begin planning your summer gatherings with your loved ones. A great way to entertain your guests is by hosting a wine tasting. Planning your wine tasting allows your friends and family to taste Oklahoma wines in a comfortable environment. However, wine tastings are unlike any other event, and there are specific details to keep in mind when planning.


Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Wine Tasting


Determine a Theme

Choosing a theme for your wine tasting will help create a cohesive, fun event. Some popular themes include:

  • Regions – choose a variety of wines from specific areas nationally or internationally, such as France, Italy, California, or Oklahoma wines.
  • Variety – taste a single variety, such as Pinot Grigio, from different regions to compare.
  • Blind Tastings – hide each bottle of wine in a brown bag, allowing your guests to use their senses to determine the wine style and varietal.
  • Random – themes can be centered around anything you want, such as holidays, movies, or destinations. Be creative!

Adorning your space with matching decorations, including fun costumes, and offering themed hors d’oeuvres are great ways to liven up your wine tasting and take your guests on an adventure.


Decide Which Wines to Purchase

Having a theme can help narrow down when looking to buy local wines for your party. Do your research online to discover which wines would be best for your theme, or get in touch with a local store or winery for more personal expertise.

Likewise, ensure you buy the appropriate amount of wine for your number of guests. Each bottle is about 24 ounces, allowing you to serve 2-ounce tastes for 12 guests or a generous 6-ounce taste for four guests. As a general rule of thumb, always buy more wine than you need and contact your local winery for estimates if needed.


Do Your Research

Before your event, learning about the discover Oklahoma wines your guests will be tasting is essential. Create information cards for each wine to hand out to guests, providing information about the wine’s history, varietal, region of origin, and more.

Another important aspect to research is your desired serving method. Decide if you would like your guests to self-pour their samples, pour yourself, or hire someone to help pour. Likewise, determine which order your wines will be served. For multi-varietal tastings, hosts generally start with bubbly or light white wines and finish with bold reds and dessert wines.


Keep the Food Light

Food is an essential component of any wine tasting. Whether making the food yourself, having a potluck with your guests, or hiring a caterer, keep the menu light to ensure the wine isn’t overpowered. Research and sample which foods and hors d’oeuvres pair best with each wine. Classics include charcuterie boards, bitter chocolates, and fruits. Likewise, try to avoid serving smelly foods, as the scents can greatly affect the taste of the wines.


Discover Oklahoma Wines for Your Wine Tasting Party

Wine tasting parties are a unique way to spend time with friends and family. As such, there are many options available in Oklahoma to buy local wines. Visit our website to find a local winery or vineyard near you, or contact us for more information.