How Much Wine Will Get You Drunk? Read On!

If you want to enjoy Oklahoma wines regularly, you discover your tolerance. The tolerance for wine is commonly questioned, probably because of its known health benefits. People often search the following questions online:

  • Can u get drunk off wine?
  • How much wine to get drunk?
  • Will a bottle of wine get you drunk?
  • Glasses of wine to get drunk?

The answer to these questions is not simple. It all depends on the person and the wine they are drinking.

How Much Wine to Get Drunk


Factors about Wine that Affect Drunkenness

When it comes to alcohol content, each wine is unique. A Moscato, for example, could have as little as 5.5 percent, while a Port might have over 20 percent. On average, most wines have an alcohol content somewhere between 11 percent and 13 percent, which is much higher than most beers. Obviously, the higher the alcohol content, the fewer glasses of wine to get drunk.


Factors about People that Affect Drunkenness

Many individual factors determine your alcohol tolerance.

  • Size and Weight: The larger a person is, the more alcohol they can handle. While this is common knowledge, one factor that might be a surprise is that people with higher muscle mass increase their tolerance.
  • Meals – Another common factor is how soon you eat before drinking wine. People who drink a little wine with food are more likely to stay sober than those who do not.
  • ADH – The enzyme ADH helps break down alcohol. People with lower levels of ADH, often women, will succumb to the effects of alcohol faster.

So, will a bottle of wine get you drunk? If you drink it all at once, the answer is probably, yes. Even if you are large, work out, and think you can handle your wine, why take the risk? You should savor a good Oklahoma wine.

The ​makers​ of Oklahoma wines want everyone to enjoy their products safely. You can always have a glass of wine at home. If you go out, have a designated driver, or hire someone to drive you. Make sure that you are aware of how much wine you are drinking and its effect on you.

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