Gluten-Free Wines You Have to Try

If you have celiac disease, you can still go wine tasting OKC, you will just need to make sure that the wine is finished correctly, and you might want to find out if there is a gluten-free wine list available for you to review.

Is Wine Gluten-Free?

In reality, most wine is naturally gluten-free. To be sure that you are drinking gluten-free wine, you need to know the answer to the question, “What’s gluten-free mean?”

According to the FDA, this means less than 20 parts per million has gluten. There are two actions that will take wine out of the gluten-free category. So, is wine gluten-free? Wine is not gluten-free when it:

  • Has a finishing agent with a wheat product. (This is not common.)
  • Has wheat paste as a sealing agent in oak casks. (This occurs in Europe more often than in the US.)

Now you know the answer to “What’s gluten-free mean?”. When it comes to wine, you will be able to ask the correct questions when wine tasting OKC.

Does Red Wine Have Gluten?

Red wine is not more likely to have gluten than white wine does. As long as the wine is not refined with gluten agents, you should be able to enjoy a glass of red wine. Do make sure, however, to avoid wine drinks. Any wine that is mixed with other ingredients has the risk of being contaminated with gluten. So, does red wine have gluten? In most cases, you will be safe drinking red wine from a local winery.

How to Enjoy Gluten-Free Wine

The best way to know how a bottle of wine was made is from its creator. Oklahoma vineyards and wineries will have the details on each wine that they carry. Some establishments will have a gluten-free wine list for you. They could even have gluten-free snacks as well.

Oklahoma winemakers take great pride in their work, making sure that it is safe for the public. Our many members would be more than happy to give you information about how the wines they sell are made. If you have any questions about the Oklahoma Grape Industry Council or our membership, please contact us.

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