9 Wines That Taste Like Juice

If you want a wine that tastes like juice, you want a wine that tastes sweet and fruity when you choose to go wine tasting OKC. Here are a few tips on what to look for when you are out and wondering how to find a wine that tastes like juice.


How to Find a Wine that Tastes Like Juice

There are many options when it comes to finding a wine that tastes sweet, but a wine that tastes like grape juice is more specific.


If you want grape flavored wine, Look no further than Concord wine. Made with Concord grapes, this is the most grape flavored wine. Sugar is often added to aid fermentation, creating a very sweet wine that tastes like grape juice.


Originally made in Italy, Moscato has a very fruity flavor that is similar to peach or citrus. The compound linalool helps create the aroma and taste of the wine.


Port or port-like wines have a rich sweet taste. Port is not technically a wine because most makers add brandy, but some wineries do carry it.


This white wine comes in dry our sweet options, so make sure that you know which one you are getting. Reisling is similar to Moscato with its honey, peach, and citrus notes. While this wine is sweet, Moscato is a little sweeter.

Ice Wine

This desert wine takes extra knowledge and skill to produce. The grapes that make Ice Wine must freeze on the vine. The cold concentrates the sugar and increases the sweetness level. Oklahoma vineyards can create ice wine, but it is not commonly found.


Another wine that comes in dry and sweet varieties, Lambrusco will vary in color, but it is lightly sparkling. The wine has berry and floral notes.


A standard wine at parties, Zinfandel is slightly dry or sweet. The lighter wines are sweeter and more floral, but the sugar declines in darker Zinfandels as they grow in alcohol content.


This traditional French dessert wine is a late harvest. The flavor is similar to apricots, butterscotch, caramel, and citrus.


A German tradition, Gewürztraminer has an aromatic sweetness and low acidity. Sometimes compared to Moscato, it has notes of grapefruit or rose.

While you may not be able to find every option during a wine tasting OKC, the ​local experts ​will be able to show you similar varieties. Take the opportunity to taste something new. You could find your favorite.

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