Best Moscato Made in Oklahoma Wine for Beginners

If you are interested in trying new wines, you will surely find some favorites when you select quality made in Oklahoma wine. One variety that is an especially good choice for beginners is Moscato.


What to Know About Moscato

Moscato wines are made from Moscato grapes, one of the oldest species used in winemaking. These grapes can be grown in warm, hot, or cool climates. The resulting wines have a high sugar content that ranges from slightly dry to very sweet. While fermentation styles vary, Moscato wines are generally low-alcohol.

When you think of Moscato wine, the first to come to mind is likely Moscato d’Asti – a lightly sweet and semi-sparkling white wine produced in the Piedmont region of Italy. However, many types of wine made across the globe can fit under the umbrella name of “Moscato,” including many produced in Oklahoma.


Varieties of Moscato Made in Oklahoma Wines

When you go to buy local wines, you will see many popular varieties of Moscato, including:


White Moscato

With a pleasant floral aroma and bold fruit flavors, White Moscato is an enjoyable wine. These still or lightly sparkling wines are produced with Muscat á Petit Grains grapes. Still whites are best served at around 45F, and sparkling varieties are best when chilled to about 40F.


Pink Moscato

This Moscato style is somewhat lesser known, but it has been growing in popularity. Pink Moscatos range from still to lightly sparkling and are often made by adding red wine to White Moscato. Still pinks are best enjoyed at 45F, and sparkling varieties are best at 40F.


Red Moscato

Another newer variety, there are many delicious blends of Red Moscato. This version is darker than Pink Moscato and features a blend of White Moscato with Syrah, Zinfandel, or another red. While sparkling reds should also be served at 40F, still reds are best at around 50F.


Sparkling Moscato

Many Moscatos are lightly sparkling; however, you can experience a more intensely bubbled wine with Sparkling Moscato. This variety is popular at events. To keep the bubbles light and crisp, Sparkling Moscatos are best enjoyed when chilled to around 40F.


A Beginner’s Guide to Enjoying Moscato

In addition to enjoying the Oklahoma wines at the right temperature, you can enjoy the flavor the most by pairing it with the right food. Moscatos are a popular choice for brunches, as an apéritif, and as a dessert wine.



Moscato is a good brunch wine because it pairs well with the light foods and the mix of flavors typically enjoyed at this late-morning meal, including baked goods, mixed fruit dishes, and light egg dishes.



If you have hors d’oeuvres prepared for an evening gathering, consider serving Moscato as your before-dinner drink. This apéritif pairs well with rich cheeses, stuffed dates, and charcuterie platters.



With a pleasantly sweet and floral taste, most varieties of Moscato are a good option for a dessert wine. This beverage pairs well with relatively lighter dishes, like fruit tarts, cheesecake, and shortcakes.


Buy Local Wines

Everyone is sure to enjoy Moscato wines produced by Oklahoma wineries and vineyards. Visit an OGIC member next time you want to buy quality Oklahoma wines.