7 Tips For Traveling Oklahoma Wine Trails

If you are searching for a unique way to venture across the state, consider journeying on one of many Oklahoma wine trails. Wine trails are the perfect way to visit beautiful wineries and vineyards, drink delicious local wines, and see Oklahoma’s unique landscape on display. If you are traveling on a wine trail for the first time, here are a few helpful tips to maximize your experience.


What To Consider When Journeying On Wine Trails


1. Dress Accordingly

Wine trails often involve lots of traveling and touring, so wear casual and comfortable clothes. Avoid wearing heels and dress shoes so your feet won’t get sore, and dress accordingly for the weather conditions. Likewise, many Oklahoma wine tours involve tasting local wines, so avoid wearing lighter colors to hide stains if a spill occurs.


2. Schedule Ahead

Whether you want to taste local wines or visit a vineyard to see the growing grapes in Oklahoma, planning ahead of your trip is crucial to ensure it goes smoothly. Many establishments require reservations to prepare for your visit, especially for larger groups. Make arrangements for your party beforehand, and inquire about their pricing and menu so you are prepared.


3. Plan For Other Stops

Wine tours are the perfect way to explore new places and enjoy Oklahoma’s gorgeous landscape year-round. As such, when traveling a wine trail, plan to make stops at other local spots. Try customer favorites at a local restaurant, shop for unique gifts at small boutiques, and explore fun events and landmarks near the wineries to get a feel for the local culture.


4. Practice Your Tasting Technique

The proper tasting technique can enhance your experience on the Oklahoma wine trails. The 4 S’s is a simple yet popular guide for wine tasting:

  • See – Hold your glass to the light to view the wine’s color and clarity.
  • Swirl – Gently swirl your glass for 5-10 seconds, as the added oxygen will release the wine’s flavors and aromas.
  • Smell – Inhale the delicious scents from the wine and note what aromas are present in its bouquet.
  • Spit – Take a small sip of the wine and roll it around in your mouth, coating your tongue. The heat from your mouth will unlock even more flavors. Once you have a good taste, spit out the wine to avoid the effects of alcohol.


5. Ask Questions

As you are tasting wines, feel free to ask your server any questions about the selections. The staff can provide details about its flavors, aromas, preferred food pairings, and more. Likewise, ask questions if you are touring a winery or vineyard. The staff may give you historical background or insight into their winemaking process.


6. Take Notes

Many winery attendants will provide background information about each selection, such as the type of growing grapes in Oklahoma used or where the wine is made. Carry a small notebook to write down important details about each selection. Take notes on which selections you enjoy so you can purchase again in the future.


7. Pace Yourself

Depending on the wine trail, you may visit several wineries within a day. Pace yourself when tasting wines and touring facilities so you don’t tire yourself before reaching all destinations. If you are new to wine trails, aim for 2-3 wineries per day to relax, enjoy the wines, and make memories with your loved ones.


Discover Local Wines On Oklahoma Wine Tours

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